Help For Rebecca and Patrick Childress

Something very much out of the ordinary for The Pelagic Lens follows and I hope you’ll give it a few moments of your time. Thank You.

As some of you may or may not heard, both Rebecca and Patrick Childress aboard their Valiant 40 “Brickhouse” have been diagnosed with Covid19 while cruising in South Africa.

Patrick is in serious condition and is currently being hospitalized at an ICU unit in South Africa.

Patrick and Rebecca have been sailing the world for 10 years and to those of you who may not be familiar with the couple, they maintain the YouTube channel, Patrick Childress Sailing

Photo Of Patrick, Credit to Patrick Childress Sailing

Over the years, Patrick and Rebecca have contributed volumes of information that has helped thousands of cruisers around the world, including Yours Truly.

In case you’re not familiar with Patrick, the following information was pulled from their YouTube channel.

Circumnavigator Patrick Childress presents DIY Projects, Tips, and Tricks for Repairing and Upgrading your Cruising Sailboat. Patrick Childress, owner of a 1976 Valiant 40, called Brick House, originally circumnavigated in a Catalina 27 Juggernaut, in the late 70s, with a sextant. Now, decades later, having professionally delivered dozens of yachts around the globe, Patrick has been cruising full time with his wife Rebecca Childress, slowly circumnavigating, this time much slower, since 2007. Patrick can fix anything…but he doesn’t always do it the same way as the next captain. Some of his methods may be controversial, but they always work! In his retirement, he has a lot of energy and enjoys showing viewers his outside of the box thinking on repairs…what has worked for him over the years, or ideas he has learned from other clever cruisers.

Patrick has been hospitalized now for about 7 days. The Childress’ insurance has refused to pay the costs involved for their care., stating that they will not cover costs associated with a Pandemic.

Leanne Coffman has set up a GoFundMe site to help with the costs and I encourage you to think about donating to help these fine people. She is a personal friend of the couple and her report containing much more information about the couple and their present situation can be found at the GoFundMe link below. Please take a moment and think about helping these two special persons.


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